Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Decor in the Sitting Room

Hallelujah I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping- just a couple more things to pick up and  it's all done!  Nothing like only having two days to spare! And, I have what I think is a perfect gift for my parents!  That feels good.  Over the weekend, I added some finishing Christmas decor touches to the sitting room just off our master bedroom.  It only takes a few decorative touches to make the little space feel festive.

I started with our pair of tall Nutcrackers from Hobby Lobby and a red bell wreath on the starburst mirror.  Then added in little touches here and there.  The tie on the wreath is hanging from that middle starburst needle.  I've gotten a lot of questions about that ottoman after I shared it on my Instagram.  It's this one. 

I pulled out our red Christmas pillows (solid one from Pottery Barn and the reindeer from Target) and found the new Merry & Bright one also at Target this year.  

One of James' red lamps was brought in and sits along the Hobby Lobby Merry Christmas sign.  The glass jar contains faux snow and greenery and a pretty white candle. 

I always love how a big container of ornaments look.  And it couldn't be easier to just pull out a color combination you like and pile them in.

I'm still so happy with these chairs from Overstock. I got them for $339.99, but looks like they are over $400 now. Maybe they'll go on sale again?? 

This is definitely a nice spot to kick off your shoes and relax.  By the way, I'm obsessed with these red heels I just got on sale! They come in dark blue, leopard and snake too. ;) 

As for that perfect present I mentioned earlier; I was sent a BISSELL ProHeat 2x Premier Upright Deep Cleaner and immediately knew my parents could really use it. They have carpet throughout their entire house and a dog, and they were just talking about wanting to get their carpets deep cleaned, so this will be perfect for them!  They were thinking of hiring a company to come out, but that is so expensive and all the reviews for this steam cleaner say it really works and is so easy to use.    I opened it and read the directions and looks like setup just takes a few minutes.  

Bissell also has a Scotchguard Protector that is formulated so that, as you clean the carpet, you can protect it from becoming stained in the future.  The stain-protecting substance pushes liquids away from the base of the carpet fibers, so when you spill something, the liquid will stay at the surface longer so you have time to clean it before the carpet is seriously damaged.  There's a coupon too. 

I know that appliances aren't the sexiest thing you can gift, but I know this one will be appreciated!  And I think that me actually doing the steam cleaning for them will be the icing on the cake.  We actually draw names for the adults on my side of the family and I didn't draw them, so I'm cheating a little by giving them this, but I know how much it will mean to them.  My Dad is a bit of a neat freak and my mom could sure use the help! 

Who wouldn't like the gift of a clean house for Christmas?! Sometimes I wish a fairy could come clean mine!  

So, three days left till Christmas, are you ready?! 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Decor by Home Bloggers

How are you doing friends?  Has this week been crazy for you too?  The last full week before Christmas has been jam packed over here with training workouts, classroom parties, karate finals, prepping for in-laws, cooking, cleaning, volunteer activities, and shopping!  Oh, the shopping.  As much as I love gift-giving (truly I do), so much buying all at once can be overwhelming.  And we're not even done yet!  Are you with me?  Are you done or do you have more to do?  I plan to finish up over the weekend so I can be done by Monday and really start relaxing!  And I better be, Christmas is next Thursday already!  Today is my son's last day of school until JANUARY 6 and we'll be going to church together this morning and then having a small party in his classroom.  This afternoon, the grandparents arrive and we're preparing a nice home-cooked meal for them tonight with other treats planned throughout the week.  Let the festivities begin!

In lieu of this week's Weekend Steals & Deals post, I'd rather share some of the gorgeous Christmas decor I've been seeing all across blogland lately. You're okay with a quick respite from shopping to look at pretty home pictures, right?! ;) It feels like, this year especially, there is so much creativity and simply beautiful Christmas home decor to be admired.  

I gathered some of my favorites (no way to include them all!) from my blog reader.  Honestly, I had a hard time choosing just one picture to share from each blog.  Please visit the links if you like what you see- this is just a wee bit of their full posts!  There's so much more at the original blog and bloggers love you to visit them directly!  I'm (still) so thankful for bloggers who open up their homes so that we get to peek in!  I'll be sharing more of our Christmas decor with you on Monday. 

Jen | With Heart
Isn't Jen's living room so bright and festive!  Go for it with those big ornaments!

Courtney | A Thoughtful Place
I'd love to take a holiday nap in Courtney's bedroom while the fresh air breezes in.  Is that weird?

Cassie | Hi Sugarplum
Leave it to Cassie to bring the Christmas energy with bright pops of color.  Pink and red and a  favorite combo of mine.

Emily | Emily A. Clark
Emily makes simple simply beautiful.  

Kristin, I love the pink satin ribbon hanging from your tree!  She always adds that unexpected touch.  And, YES, to disco ball ornaments! 

One of my favorite Canadian bloggers!  

How cute is this set up?!  And you know Jennifer makes those little kid club chairs right?  The one pictured here inspired her future creations. 

Kristin | Bliss At Home
Girly and glam all the way! 

Having had the pleasure of meeting Lucy this year, I can tell you her talent and genuineness is for real. 

Caitlin | Desert Domicile 
Caitlin is another cutie and I adore her whimsicial decor. 

Jen made that glittery red reindeer art and you can see how to make gold foil art at this post too. 

Such a cute way to display your cards Sarah!

Chris | Just A Girl
Metallics and greens look lovely together.  

Carmel | Our Fifth House
Carmel always delights with bold choices.  How about her cool white tree in the dining room?!

I seriously drool over everything Gwen does.  No exception above. 

Ah!!!!  That was nice!! I'll update my HWH Facebook page this weekend with any super deals I find while finishing up my Christmas shopping.  

I have a new post up at Honey We're Healthy too.  I'm sharing my 5 month post-bikini contest recap.  

Have a great weekend! 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday - Flats, Hats, Boots, and Scarves on Sale

As much as I'm a heels and wedges kind of girl, sometimes I just can't do it.  If I know I'm going to be doing a lot of running around, I'll wear flats and I always keep a pair in the car just in case.  I want to be comfortable and for my feet not to be killing me at the end of the day.  Until lately, the flats in my car were flip-flops, but it's too cold for that now.    

Today, I'm teaming up with Sole Society to share some of their adorable flats with you, which, by the way, are 40% off right now.  Their boots are also 40% off and hats and scarves are 30% off so you don't have to break the bank to look good.  You also don't have to sacrifice style for comfort. I remember working full-time and wanting to look nice, but putting on a pair of heels would be torture some days.  They would be slipped off under my desk as soon as I hit the chair.  I'd love to wear these to work or keep some comfy and cute flats at the office in case of emergency. :)  So many styles to choose from!  And all of these below are under $40.
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 

Below, I'm wearing the leopard print Kailista. Leopard print never goes out of style in my opinion and just a little goes a long way toward transforming an otherwise plain outfit into something special.  

I'm wearing this ring set too, but you can't see it very well in my picture.  It's getting dark so early here- but at least you get so see some of my hubby's Christmas light handiwork in the background! ;) 

And here are #17, the bright red Aamira.   A pop of color of your feet never hurt anyone.  

Sole Society also has scarves and accessories, and I adore this fair aisle lightweight scarf.  

You may have seen the scarf below everywhere you look this season, but that's because it's so dang cute!  I don't have it, but it would make a great Christmas gift!

It's the perfect time to take advantage of Sole Society's 40% off boots sale.  

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

I'm a huge fan of hats for bad hair days or just for a different look.  The knitted beanie is my go-to for cold weather.  Too bad I didn't have this in time for our trip last weekend!

Hope y'all are staying warm! 

Thanks to Sole Society for sponsoring today's post and for keeping our feet comfy and cute! 

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