Friday, January 30, 2015

Weekend Steals & Deals

Happy Superbowl weekend!  Do y'all have any plans?  We usually do a Superbowl party but are skipping it this year.  We have a school event on Saturday and a birthday party on Sunday, so it just felt too packed to try to fit it in.  Also, my little guy is turning 5 soon, so I'm planning his 'super cool Power Rangers' party.  You gotta love it when your little brother agrees to dress up as a Power Ranger for the party!  ;)  At home, I need to get it in gear and finish up my organizing projects.  I'm 5 down and 5 to go.  I'm planning to tackle a couple more over the weekend, but first, let's talk fashion and this week's Weekend Steals & Deals!

I'm so excited to see my Pleione Mixed Media Tunic go on sale!  It's marked down 40%, which is a great deal because this is one of those shirts I was happy to buy at full price because I love it so much.  

Pleione Mixed Media Tunic $34.80, $58 (regular & petite) 

yellow | light blue $34.80, $58 (regular & petite) These colors are gorgeous! 

Houston weather is so crazy, one minute we're in sweaters and booties, the next we're in tanks and open-toe heels.  I hear we're back to cold again in the morning, so this tank will have to be put away or layered under a jacket for now.  But, it is sure to be a spring/summer staple!

Lace Trim Tank $38 (also in white or olive).  These are my new favorite jeans I was telling you about recently and I cuffed the ankle for this springy look with my old Michael Kors heels.  

leopard scarf | reversible vegan tote (other colors too) I shared this tote with y'all last week (it's the one my parents bought me for Christmas) and it was temporarily unavailable in my color combo, but appears to be restocked now. 

reversible pendant necklace | ring (old, similar) | nails (pink smoothie shellac) 

As for tanks, I'm super obsessed with these two floral numbers.  I live in these type of tanks in our humid summers! I just got the one on the left and the Small fit perfectly. 
rose ($34) | grey ($34)

These easy to wear tank dresses are on sale at a great price. 

Who doesn't love a wrap dress?!  So flattering and great for day to night.  $78 (also in black)

MOD.lusive by Bobeau Ruched Sleeve Long Cardigan $25.20 $42 (385 positive reviews)
I shop my own posts and just bought one of these in "green waterfall", but they also have other colors. I got XS, so we'll see how it fits.  A lot of the reviewers said they loved the 3/4 sleeve length and had this cardigan in multiple colors.  Great deal right now at 40% off and still lots of colors and sizes available.

I'm not surprised that people love the cardigan, since it's by the same company that makes these cozy wrap sweaters $39.90, $58.

Was browsing through the lightweight scarf selection and found so many good ones at great prices!  

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15

My comfy Zella "Move" pants are 40% off too (some of you asked and I'm wearing size 2) and they also come in capri

Have a great weekend!

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Ashley Brooks Photography 
Traci Ling Photography (red tunic)
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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wardrobe Wednesday | Zella Workout Wear

It's no secret around here that I love to workout and stay in good shape.  I'm recently back in the gym with my trainer and am doing a 40-day fat loss challenge at my gym that started last Thursday and ends on March 2.  So far, so good.  I plan to keep updating my progress on Honey We're Healthy.  I'd love to celebrate your successes over there too, so if you have a great before/after story you'd like to share, please send it my way (

I don't have a ton of workout clothes, but since I exercise so often, I prefer to invest in a few quality pieces that will last a long time, fit well, and be comfortable to workout in.  That they are cute and colorful is just a bonus because I wear the same thing over and over.  Maybe it's a 'getting older/wiser thing' but I've learned my lesson and have wasted too much money on workout clothes that I didn't love to save money, only to end up hating wearing them or not wearing them at all.  And I'm not saying you need to spend a fortune, but once you try on good quality clothes, like the Zella brand at Nordstrom, you'll really be able to tell the difference.

The other thing I've become particular about is my exercise socks.  It may sound strange, but so many socks are too thin/thick, slip off my heel causing rubbing at the back of my shoe, or get my feet too sweaty.  I'm crazy for Zella socks and highly recommend them. 

Jacket (similar here, here, here)

My girlfriend Trisa was the first one to mention Zella to me when she said she loved the Move Pants and practically lived in them, whether she was working out or just running around on the weekends or at home.  I have them now and have to agree. ;)  They are on sale 40% off right now and also come in capri.

Are you back in the exercise groove with the new year?  Doesn't it help to have a few things to wear that you love?! 

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

If you're running late on time, but want to jumpstart your morning and get your blood pumping, do the quick "GOOD MORNING" workout below.  You don't need any equipment and can do these  right at home.  It's 10 of each of these six exercises:  jumping jacks, ab crunches, push-ups, squats, calf raises and lunges.  It won't take you that long, and you can repeat the cycle a few times to really get the day off to a great start.  

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Top 10 Organizing Challenge - Paperwork & $100 Kirkland's GIVEAWAY

Let's kick off this Monday morning with some productivity and a GIVEAWAY!  I'm halfway through my Top 10 Organizing Challenge, which is reason enough to celebrate, but coincidentally, Kirkland's storage and organization event is also happening now, so they are giving away a $100 gift card to their store to help you with your organizing progress.  You can find a store near you here.  I worked on getting our mail and paper organization under control this weekend and it turned out really well.  Not nearly as bad as I anticipated.  

First, I cleaned up our entryway drop zone and added a cute wooden mail organizer to hold the incoming mail.  Keeping the mail chaos at bay is a daily battle, but I try to keep it from getting out of hand by quickly tossing/recycling anything that we don't need to keep. I've also been unsubscribing from magazines and catalogs to keep the paper waste down.  I've kept my very favorites, but let others go.

The large woven basket underneath holds all my husband's baseball hats or random shoes and I put his laptop bag down there too or else it takes up too much space on the counter.  

On top is a dish for coins (and not that many currently because I've been taking them to the coin star machine at the grocery store and cashing them in:) and one for keys and sunglasses.  Why do men come home with so much loose change all the time?!?! It's like it multiplies in their pockets.

I splurged on real hydrangeas this time and they make me so happy all vibrant and green!

Here's the mail organizer up close.  So cute and my son is all about changing the cubes to reflect the current day.  It's a good way to keep reinforcing the calendar and dates to an almost 5 year-old.  He's obsessed with knowing what day it is and marking days off the calendar in his room at night before bed. 

I cleaned out the mail sorter and gathered all the extraneous paper, including from my wallet (receipts, coupons, etc.) to compile them so I could go through them.  I think our mail system is working pretty well since this pile wasn't that bad.  

James' school work has been getting put inside a kitchen drawer lately so I cleaned that out too. 

And gathered all our files that needed another run through. Lots of things we keep digital files for, but there are still some paper copies that have to be dealt with. 

I like to just spread everything out on the floor into piles and then figure out what needs to go where and what is for trashing or shredding.  We've invested in a decent shredder and use it often.  The biggest time suck is going through all the files and then the walk down memory lane as I sifted through my law school application (yes, I still have that!) and rejection/acceptance letters (those too).  I've got transcripts and letters of recommendation and tax returns from so long ago, but I like remembering when I made $16,428 as a waitress back in the day putting myself through college, so they stay.  I also have credit card bills that I paid off many years ago and have kept as a badge of pride to never get back into debt.  Thank you Dave Ramsey! My college mentor and I used to meet for lunch and I have his scribble on a napkin and since he's now in heaven, it's a sentimental piece of paper I'll treasure forever.  

See how you can get lost in these little papers that tell a lifetime of stories?! But, back to the organizing . . . 

I whittled those two big file boxes down to one that I already had (and the hanging files) and like better because it has a lid.

I keep one small accordion file for household things I might need to access easily and other files for blog expenses by year. 

A stack of Kirkland's quatrefoil storage boxes (small, medium and large) work perfectly for holding the old blog expenses, James artwork from this year that I still need to photograph to save, and old calendars.  They look nice in my office too. 

To keep a few pieces of artwork/schoolwork on display in James' playroom, I found this wooden "Look What I Did!" plaque with hooks and let him choose what he wanted to showcase.  In the future, I plan to create an art zone in the playroom and then the sign will be great for hanging those creations.  We still keep lots of James' art on the fridge with magnets, old school style. 

I found a few pretty things at Kirkland's for my office space too.  I love this shiny gold initial cup.  I was thinking of putting a small plant inside, but was concerned about drainage so for now, I've got my colored markers inside. 

These ceramic egg crates are perfect for holding little items like jewelry or small office supplies.  

So, now I get to check another organizing challenge off my list!

You can see the organizing challenges I've completed so far here:  



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I received compensation for the “Resolution: Organize” blog post. Kirkland’s partnered with several bloggers like me to raise brand awareness. All purchases and content are on my own accord and reflect my personal opinion and style. 

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