Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Painting and Priorities

Hi friends, no Wardrobe Wednesday here as I just want to savor the last drops of summer before school starts (too early!) for us in just two weeks.  I can't stop time, but I can enjoy the lazy days we've been fortunate to have recently and for the next couple weeks.  I want so bad to be present in the moment with my child and it's difficult to do that for every moment of the day, but sometimes, those moments happen and you don't even have to try.

The morning when James declared, "I want to paint!", I admit my first thought was about how messy it would be and how I'd have to pull out all the supplies and the kitchen counters would have paint everywhere, etc.  Not wanting to be "that mom", I quickly changed my attitude and just took the painting outside so it didn't matter about the mess.  When I relaxed, I was able to just enjoy being outside with my son, and even got in on the painting action.  I can only play sword fight or lightsaber war for so long, but when we are doing something crafty together, or reading or playing a game, it's much easier for us both to get lost in time.  

We had such a nice time painting that on a recent jog in my neighborhood, I took note of all the rocks  along the way that I thought my son would like painting too.  The next time we went to the park in the wagon, we stopped to collect rocks to wash and paint when we got home.  I made a big deal about it and he thought it was the coolest thing, finding the perfect rocks to paint and then helping wash them in a big tub of soapy water and finally painting them together.  It is messy, but who cares when it's outside and you can just wash off later?!  

An activity like painting rocks reinforces the point that we don't have to do elaborate play dates or spend big money on fancy birthday parties, it's often the "cardboard box" and spending time with us that young kids enjoy most!  

My son is at what just might be the perfect age (the magical age of 4) where he is so big and independent in many ways, yet still my little boy with chubby toddler hands. He's not afraid to openly declare his love for mom and dad, give lip kisses, and ask big, innocent questions like, "Why can't I see Jesus?"  That one surprised me.  His curiosity is exquisite. 

Suddenly, the things in my life that felt like they were beginning to overwhelm me have been put into perspective and we're in a good groove.  :) 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Easy DIY // Dipped Lamp & Vase

An easy DIY project is my kind of project!  I can handle a can of spray paint! I'm working on creating a desk nook in my son's room and needed a desk lamp, so, instead of purchasing a new one, I repurposed one I'm not currently using by giving it a fun "dipped" navy blue edge.  My lamp is from Z Gallerie, but I don't see it on their website anymore. 

I only wanted to paint the rim of the base and lamp head, so I taped and covered everything else (including where the light bulb goes).  A couple coats of spray paint is all it took and the paint dries quickly. I used a Krylon glossy paint that leaves a shiny finish.

And since I had the spray paint out, I added a gold edge to a World Market Barcelona vase and sprayed the bottom of the branches.

It's just a small detail that adds a little something extra.

Hope you're having a great week!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Recap // Lost Pines

Some of you who've read my blog since the very beginning have seen my son grow up from just a little baby old into an energetic 4 year-old boy.  He's got the sweetest spirit and everyone who meets him always comments what a joy he is.  He's one of those kids who will sit and chat with you as long as you're willing to talk.  I like sharing bits of my life with him here and I got some cute pictures this weekend while we were away on a quick getaway at Lost Pines in Bastrop, Texas.  I always debate if I should bring my good camera (Nikon D90) or just use my iPhone, but I'm always happy when I bring the good one.  

It was our first time at Lost Pines and I would totally recommend it for families, which is what it's geared toward.  I hope we get to go back again!  I am a little sleepy today from sharing a bed with a toddler for two nights - feet and elbows hitting me all night.  Can you relate?

Pool time!  The pool at Lost Pines is awesome because a big portion of it is only two feet deep, so kids can swim and also stand up.  

"I've got my phone and my camera just like you, Mom!"  One time when leaving the hotel room, the door closed and without missing a beat, he's all, "I forgot my phone!"  

Apparently, "sunbutter" is not the same as peanut butter.  

But, making s'mores is fun!  

I wish I got some better pics of this bull riding, but it was pretty dark out by the time it was his turn.  It went really slow and he hopped off when he was finished.    

My husband also adores our son.  He's a really good, kind Dad. 

The pina coladas were really good too!  I'm wearing Stella & Dot Wanderlust Triple Wrap (on sale) and the love bracelet along with a few others no longer available.  These are perfect for the summer- I haven't taken them off lately! 

I put a few more shots of our weekend on my Instagram.   I'm off today to see my hairdresser- she needs to clean up my hair after I impulsively cut off about 5 inches on Thursday!  I was just over it with this heat and never wanting to style it so it was always in a top knot or ponytail.  After I cut it, it looked pretty good from the front- but it's a hot mess in the back!  You can catch a shot of that on Insta too.  ;)  A few of you asked about hair curling details and you can see what I use to curl my hair here


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