Thursday, July 24, 2014

New Dining Room Paint- Sherwin Williams Comfort Grey

Thank you so very much for weighing in on my paint-color dilemma in the dining room!  I read all the comments and really appreciate the feedback.  It reminds me why I started blogging in the first place- to have other women who love home decor to bounce ideas off of.  My husband is not only color-blind, but pretty nonchalant when it comes to the decor choices in our house (unless he hates something), so I like that I have Y'ALL to share these things with! :)

After putting eight samples on the wall, the color I chose was Comfort Grey by Sherwin Williams in semi-gloss, lightened 75%.  It was the color that worked best with our milky trim color (Divine White Sherwin Williams) and had the touch more green/not too blue I was originally looking for.  I wanted it just a tad lighter than the original Comfort Grey swatch on the wall, so the color specialist explained that they needed to lighten it by 75% because the color spectrum is on a sliding scale and lightening it by 25% (which is what I initially thought I needed) would make it really white.  I'm not quite sure I understand this and if you can explain it better, please leave a comment!  We painted directly on top of our existing SW Accessible Beige and on top of the different swatches, but I bought a high-quality paint, so it covered really well.  

I'm thrilled with how it turned out and think it flows nicely with the paint in the rest of the house.  Of course, it's hard to convey a true paint color over the internet, but here are the best shots I was able to capture from the early morning.  It feels so fresh in here now!

I especially like the view from the kitchen, through the wet bar, to the dining room.  I almost hate to hang the drapes back up because it will cover that part of the wall. 

I had to hem the curtains (the bottoms were coming apart) and have yet to get the rest of the room put back together- I'm contemplating changing out the mirror too.  And I want to add some summer decor.  Hopefully, I'll have more to share with you next week! 

Thank you Michaela for inviting me to participate in her Design Do's and Don'ts (along with a great group of bloggers/designers) as she prepares to launch another Bloom workshop.  It's so good to see Michaela pursuing her passion and taking her career to the next level! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday // New Arrivals at Stella & Dot

I just looked at Stella & Dot's new arrivals and I'm smitten with several of their new pieces- it's such a good collection! 

Stella & Dot has the best scarves, I swear.  And I'm crazy about the color and pattern in this new Geo Ikat scarf. I always feel like pink looks good near the face. These scarves are perfect because they are large (38"x70"), so you can wear them in a ton of different ways, but they are still lightweight so you don't feel weighed down.  I already get a lot of use from my S&D Leopard Print (no longer available) and Union Scarf Frida Print scarves, so I know this one will be in heavy rotation  too.   I really like their new Marine Blue/Rich Red Ikat scarf too.  

I'm still a fan of stacking my bracelets and this studded cuff is so cool.  I'll wear it with my Gilded Arrow Bangle

One thing Stella & Dot is known for is versatility in their pieces so you can wear one piece of jewelry in multiple ways- more bang for your buck.  I adore the chandelier earrings in my favorite colors (looks like my blog! ha!), but you can also wear them as a simple stud. 


This geometric shape is a perfect alternative to my go-to gold hoops.  

And, I got my recent Stitch Fix!  My favorite thing in the box this time was the Kahlo Embroidered Racerback Tank.  I loved it so much I wore it to a casual dinner that Friday night with jeans and wedges.  I'm not sure if you can request certain items, but if so, definitely request this one!  

AND, the Kate Spade Flatiron Maryanne in "geranium/cream" stripe is on sale for $89 (discounted from $198)!  I love my black/white version and have been wearing it everywhere.  It's nylon, so really lightweight, and had lots of compartments, which the organizer in me loves. :)

P. S. I finally decided on a paint color for our dining room and got the room painted.  Can't wait to share it with you tomorrow- I love how it turned out! 

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Choosing Paint for the Dining Room - Sherwin Williams Sea Salt ??

How many samples of paint does it take to find the right color for a dining room?  Apparently, at least eight.  I've been to the paint store three times in the past three days to continue testing paint samples, and I'm not even sure I have a winner yet!  I'm determined to decide today though because Sherwin Williams is having their 40% off sale and I want to take advantage of it! (It ends Monday).

I fell in love with Sherwin Williams Sea Salt after seeing it on Life on Virginia Street, in Sarah's master bedroom.  In her room, SEA SALT looked like a very soothing grayish-green.  I thought that would go well with my dining room drapes and the rest of the house.  I'm looking for something soft  that will brighten my room from the duller ACCESSIBLE BEIGE and look good when I change out the accessories in the room throughout the year.  I like the Accessible Beige pretty well in the rest of our first floor, and I hesitated to change the dining room because I want a cohesive look, but I figured I can find a paint that goes well with the rest of the downstairs since this room is pretty much off on it's own.  I'm not necessarily looking to match the drapes; rather, I'd prefer a complimentary color.

SEA SALT is pretty, but it looks way more blue than green and a little dull in my room.  Still a contender though.  Will be so funny (not really) if I end up with this one after painting all the other colors on my walls. It's the first one I put up.

WATERY was too bright.  Looked so gorgeous on the swatch.

DEWY is nice, close to the color of the lamps I have in the now, but it's pretty white against the creamy wainscoting.

FLEETING GREEN is just a tad darker than DEWY.

RAINWASHED is too blue and bright.

But, it's difficult to judge paint colors by a photograph online, or heck, even on a swatch.  I swear the Sea Salt that's on the swatch looks much more green than it does on the wall, where it reads blue.  

Also, I was painting the colors on top of our existing wall color, not primed walls. 

Our trim is a creamy white (DIVINE WHITE), so some of the blueish colors would probably look better against a crisp, white trim.

Colors look different at different times of the day.  The three pictures below were taken in the afternoon. 

Then, I went back for three more.  These pictures were taken in the evening.

COMFORT GREY - hard to tell in the picture, but this is a pretty pale olive/greenish color.  It's a contender.  I looks good as you peek though to the breakfast room and see the drapes there.

SLOW GREEN - pretty white.

WATERSCAPE - too bright/aqua.

Now my walls are all crazy with these paint swatches everywhere!  I'm going to look again in the morning light- the last three swatches I photographed while still wet.  I don't want to do a bold, bright color in here because that wouldn't flow with the rest of the house, so I'm trying to find the best color that will brighten up the room, but still be soothing.  What do you think??


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